Tuesday, November 24, 2009

how to seed a pomegranate without stains or beatings

hello, allow me to introduce myself. i am your new best friend.

oh beautiful pomegranate seeds...so tasty, so delicious, soooooo difficult to obtain! whether creating a staining mess or beating the tar out of the peel whilst flinging juice everywhere--is it really worth it? how much stain remover must one buy when one just wants the sweet nectar of a pomegranate?

i tell you, NONE! here, my dear reader, i will reveal the secret to stain-free, beating-free, flinging-free adventure of getting to pomegranate seeds. sorry kids, you'll have to take your aggression out on a different source. hold on to your hats--here we go!

fill a bowl 3/4 full with cool water. be sure to use a bowl big enough to fit the whole pomegranate as well as your two hands.

cut each end off the pomegranate--just need enough off each end to get access.
then, and this is important, score the peel several times by cutting into the peel just enough to break the outer layer, then drag the knife from top to bottom.

now plunge your scored pomegranate along with your two hands into the cool water.
begin peeling back the outer layer, breaking the shell along the score lines.
run your thumb and/or finger across the pomegranate seeds to loosen them from their shell.

see how those lovely, lovely seeds drop to the bottom of the bowl?
and that icky, icky pith floats to the top?
and see how the peel is lacking those seeds it so desperately holds onto?
and notice still how very little juice has leaked out and colored the water?
ah, yes, hang in there. you're almost to the promised land.

keep prying and rubbing until all the seeds are loose.
see how all the seeds are at the bottom, and all that pith is floating?
what's more--see how my little fingers hold no stain?!?!
(they are pink because i used freeeeeeeeezing cold water!!)
and though the water is tinged pink,
no stain, no mess, no beating the tar out of fruit.
it's a beautiful thing!

i put the seeds on a paper towel to dry them a bit before tossing them in a bowl to snack.

elapsed time: 10 minutes.
number of stains: 0
number of tasty, tasty pomegranate seeds: fewer and fewer as i munch away.